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 Vision and Priorities for Gilpin County

My priorities are shaped by listening to residents, attending community group meetings and participating in work groups in Gilpin County pursuing solutions to identified community needs. They are diverse. I grew up learning the importance of public service from a military father and healthcare industry mother who taught us to give to others and decades later volunteerism is still an integral part of who I am. My family is of mixed political leanings and I believe every vote counts and every voter has a chance to influence change by voting. Having twenty five years of government experience prior to being elected as County Commissioner, I know what it takes to find solutions, navigate systems, and get things done. I value others' views and am an attentive listener, a strong collaborator, and able to see the big picture. I am honored to blend my work, mountain life and volunteer experiences into being a County Commissioner working hard for you.
Priority Issues and Focus Areas
  • Financial stability, building reserves for urgent needs, diversifying revenue streams for the County, sustainability of County funds, services, infrastructure and equipment
  • Emergency preparedness, egress, and safe forest use for all corners of the county
  • Encouraging small business including eateries, recreation, youth and aging services
  • Partnering with agencies and businesses to expand access to health care, care for all ages, and create affordable workforce and senior housing.
  • Implementing County Strategic Plan which includes a focus on staff retention, input, and appreciation; securing GIS, county mapping, needs assessments, updated wildfire and continuity of government plans to inform planning decisions 
  • Historic preservation of both cultural history and buildings, creating educational materials for residents and tourism to showcase Gilpin County's rich history
  • preserve our county's serenity, wildlife, and historic areas in the face of recreation overuse on public lands
Protecting our Natural Resources

Residents of Gilpin County want the rural feel and public lands preserved in the face of growth. Safe forest use and access, plus low fire risk are vital for us all. We live with a mix of residential, commercial and recreational users who need to be stewards of our forests, land and waters. Keeping in mind the pressures on our land and water are key to thoughtful planning decisions. Climate change action is urgent and mitigation of historic mines is important. The County has a wildfire protection plan and risk assessment areas to use in prioritizing mitigation decisions. Grants may help residents with their fire prevention efforts. Public input and information to residents benefits us all. Looking at what neighboring counties and cities nationwide are doing may generate new ideas on how to balance the needs of our varied land users while being watchful of or natural resources. Creating forest volunteer programs could support Forest Service and our local law enforcement in monitoring forest lands. S
Human Services Collaborations

Promote child, senior and family services, public health, veterans services, mental health supports, food pantry and resources information to continue assistance to our most vulnerable residents. Coordination on funding and potential grants along the Peak to Peak area may lead to enhanced services. With the county aging, added focus on services and housing for our older resident and caregivers will be necessary future planning. This could lead to more local small businesses, an integral part of Gilpin County's workforce. Opening the new HHS location freed up space for the Sheriff's Office to expand to meet its space needs without building a new jail.  
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