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Democrats & Rotary highway 119 cleanup

I've lived in Rollinsville in Gilpin County for 26 years with my husband Larry. I grew up in a military family through which I learned the importance of public service. After moving my parents to Colorado I was their caregiver and VA fiduciary. 


I am running to continue serving our unique county by bringing energy and ideas as part of a Board with fellow county commissioners. I'll continue to listen to differing perspectives, work to expand economic diversity, implement planning strategies to address infrastructure gaps and thoughtful growth in our county. I am a voice for clean water and our natural resources, and reducing impacts from overuse of public lands. I frequent and support local businesses. I support the work of valued county employees plus community members who are adding to the quality of life in our county through volunteerism and creativity.



I am ready with experience to work on day one of my second term. I know the ins and outs of county governance, Gilpin County staff and policies, what must be budgeted and accomplished to meet statutory requirements. I have built working relationships with county partner agencies, County Commissioners from throughout the state, and our regional state and federal Legislators.


In addition, my prior work for municipal government for 25 years, including Division Management, plus private sector work, gives me experience in:

  • strategic planning

  • policy and program development

  • managing complex budgets focused on priority needs

  • working directly with people from diverse backgrounds

  • responsive public communications

  • public-private business and interagency collaborations

  • valuing ongoing staff training for retention & job growth

  • staff organization to evaluate current and evolving staffing needs and increase efficiencies

I previously provided casework at the city Housing Authority then trained and supervised a team of Senior Services Resource Specialist, plus created community programs to address unmet or emerging community needs for older adults, families, caregivers and veterans, most struggling with life challenges. 



    An active volunteer in Gilpin County for over 25 years:

  • Gilpin County Extension Master Gardener

  • High Country Auxiliary to support Timberline Fire and Emergency Responders

  • Peak to Peak Rotary

  • Gilpin County Pantry Garden

  • Set up Pet Pantry monthly pet food in 2020 

  • Axe and Snax fire mitigation projects & wood delivery

  • Variety of forest, trail, noxious weed, conservation projects

  • Was on initial Friends of the Community Center in 2020 to re-open the community center and arena



    My free time is spent with family & friends,

     gardening, skiing in the woods, hiking,

       enjoying local music & events, sipping

         a tasty local brew, reading, traveling,

           and petting neighborhood dogs.

 Listening to county residents


 Your Vote is Your Voice!


High Country Auxiliary


Gilpin Food Pantry Gardener

Rotary and Gilpin Democrats
Hwy 119 cleanups

cleaning up 119.JPG
Master Gardener.jpg

CSU Extension & Master Gardener


Monthly Pet Food Pick-up

Peak to Peak Rotary participated in parade_edited.jpg

 Respect for our local Mountains!

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