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Sandy Hollingsworth

Gilpin County


Thanks to Carole for many of the photos!

As of November 13, 61 Gilpin residents have tested positive for COVID 19 and our conty is moved our of Protect Our Neighbors status into yellow on the case dial. Please help your neighbors and family by adhering to Public Health recommendations.  

 My thoughts go out to all of you who are coping during the Coronavirus pandemic economic squeeze who have reduced or lost work, business, benefits, or health.

It's a time of coming together to help our neighbors, family and friends

meet basic needs and stay safe.

Please support our local human services groups, food pantries, and

small businesses as you are able.

Thank you to volunteers reaching out to the most vulnerable in our community.

When we offer our compassion and a helping hand we are a stronger community.


Photo compliments of Miangelo Photography

Please feel free to email me at
to share your thoughts and ideas for Gilpin County. 

I'm honored to have been elected County Commissioner District 3.

Thanks to every registered voter who voted in the 2020 elections. The final vote counts are posted on the Gilpin County and

Secretary of State Colorado websites.

Hi!  I've been asked and yes I supported the mill levy issues on the ballot. Although I  understand that many people's budgets are stretched due to

the pandemic, I supported the 3 year limit on two of the  mills.

The Community Center  levy passed meaning that it will reopen

fewer days but as a gathering place for all ages

with streamlined programs & staff.


The Sheriff's Office mill levy did not pass  to keep funding for  

first responders and dispatchers  at 2020 levels

so operating budgets are being

adjusted down and vacancies unfilled in these lean times.


The Library mill levy passed to 

restore their staff and services to pre-Covid levels.


The  Gilpin School mill levy did not pass

to provide it supplemental funding.

With limited community gatherings, I'm keeping up with local and county meetings via Zoom, Facebook, articles, and websites.

Elected officials are already starting our training to prepare for 2021.

Since July 2019, until the March closures, I've been attending

community groups, county commissioner and advisory meetings,

and events to meet residents, learn about organizations, and listen to your thoughts about Gilpin County. I'm still listening.

During Coronavirus I've been volunteering at both food banks, 

organizing donations to address food insecurity, helped GCART with evacuated animals at the Barn, made Mountain Masks, collected and delivered firewood, and 

I am serving on Community Center reopening work-groups.

Please feel free to contact me.

Let's have a conversation about Gilpin County! Be well, Sandy