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Sandy supports healthy forests and clean

Sandy Hollingsworth

Gilpin County


Thanks to Carole for many of the photos!

During my 22 months in office I've been proud to:

  • Serve on the Mountain Health Care Task Force to open a Medical Clinic in Gilpin in July 2022

  • Help guide the county through Covid-19 surges with a commitment to public health

  • Compile and obtain a $929,678.00 DOLA grant reimbursement for the HHS building

  • Determine allocations of county ARPA funds to hire back staff and support non-profits

  • Work with OEM, Timberline Fire and Watershed groups to plan fire mitigation projects

  • Serve on NOCO2050 to create plans to address impacts of recreation areas overuse

  • Inspire the County put forth a ballot measure to get Lodging Tax passed by the voters

  • Testify on state legislation to increase our gaming & impact funds for our first responders

  • Actively speak up in Colorado Counties Inc (CCI) and Counties and Commissioners Together (CCAT) to promote prioritized funding to small rural counties, oppose unfunded mandates and advocate for improved mental health care, human services, and potential housing options

  • Budget to be debt free as of 2023, for  annual increasing Revenue Reserves, staff salary increases, and funding of delayed capital improvements and heavy equipment purchases

  • Help with interviews to hire vacant County Manager, HR Director, and Finance Director

  • Represent Gilpin on Roadmap to Recovery Regional Resiliency Initiative for economic diversity

  • Collaborate on the LCO decision for Gilpin to have a voice with TRIAD for pre-k and child care 

Thank you to volunteers reaching out to the most vulnerable in our community.

When we offer our compassion and a helping hand we are a stronger community.


Photo compliments of Miangelo Photography

Please feel free to email me at
to share your thoughts and ideas for Gilpin County. 
Be an Active Voter !

I'm honored to have been elected County Commissioner District 3.
Thanks to every registered voter who voted in the 2020 elections. 
Now it is 2022 and time to vote for strong Democratic candidates


I've  continued attending community groups,

county advisory meetings, and events to

meet residents to listen to your thoughts

about Gilpin County

And I'm still volunteering in multiple community groups

to support the work of our local nonprofits and 

supporting our emergency responders. 

Please feel free to contact me.

Let's have a conversation about Gilpin County! Be well, Sandy

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